Close hl2.exe after hl2dm crash and rejoin script (useful)

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Close hl2.exe after hl2dm crash and rejoin script (useful)

Postby gtamike_TSGK on Sat Feb 07, 2009 10:52 am

Close hl2.exe after hl2dm crash and rejoin (Safe, useful and fast)

Hi guys, sometimes when hl2dm crashs the hl2.exe in task mangers says its using 50% cpu and you fill a big system slow down.

I've made a fix to save time and get you back ingame fasty without going in task manger.

This is a small .bat file script that kills hl2.exe and kills GameOverlayUI.exe then starts up hl2dm again, just by double clicking the .bat file (place the .bat file on desktop)

Copy this code in notepad select "save as" then "save as type" choose "All file" and save the flie name as "kill_hl2_then_run.bat"

Save on desktop to open and find easily

Code: Select all
tskill hl2
tskill GameOverlayUI
START C:\Progra~1\Steam\Steam.exe -applaunch 320

Here's a download link, if you don't want to make it. :deal:;13229159;/fileinfo.html

Has been tested, hope you find this useful as I do :beer:
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