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[HL2 mod] Get A Life

Postby Roundup on Tue Dec 02, 2008 9:52 am

Hi guys, i find it :) It's an HL2 mod, a single player adventure.

It's free, new weapons, NPCs..

Get a Life Features :
Get a Life is a FPS Single player action/adventure total-conversion for Half-life 2 :

4 chapters (a total of 20 different maps) offering almost 11 hours of gameplay
gripping story about the main character Alex Zemlinsky, who is trying to learn everything about his mysterious past
13 different weapons, 3 of them upgradable with modules
unique gameplay:
enhanced AI (including squads and advanced combat tactics such as taking cover and fear behavior), developed in cooperation with the E.Y.E. mod team
new healing system with several body damage zones and diseases
bullet-time system
survival (fight off waves of enemies coming at you) and sneak passages (making noise just makes it harder)
features a variety of enemies, with heights ranging from 2 centimeters to 2 meters, and a "gore and gib" system


http://www.getalife-mod.com/index.php?p ... y_2006.flv

Download link

Seems not bad but i haven't test it yet :)
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Re: [HL2 mod] Get A Life

Postby Cynyx on Tue Dec 02, 2008 11:16 pm

at least the name is funny :)
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