dm_killbox_[tsf]_the_octagons LAUNCH

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dm_killbox_[tsf]_the_octagons LAUNCH

Postby [ TSF ] LORD DAVROS on Wed Nov 21, 2007 6:31 am

hi to all my friends here . hope you are all well and still having fun.I have not seen you all much of late as I have been busy with things outside of the pc world and trying to learn how to use hammer :lol: :lol: :oops:
But ver the last month or two, I have been making a completely new map from scratch.
This map will be called dm_killbox_[tsf]_the_octagons. This is primarily a killbox map but it has 2 octagon shaped boxes that are linked together by a short tunnel on the ground level and two walkways about two thirds of the way up. there is a central room that overlooks both boxes with three possible ways to get up into that room.
These are by way of two teleports, one in each of the octagon boxes an a neat little ladder system leading up from the small tunnel on the ground floor . Also at the top of the ladders there is a very small room with a sliding door which is triggered by a player coming up the ladder.
This sliding door is a one way door so you can get into the central room via it but not back out after it has closed.
There are two possible ways out of this central room. either jump out of the windows into one of the boxes or to shoot a sign on the wall and exit using a teleport that is inside the tardis. (police box)

There are many other little things to get your interest in this map such as two gold dalek statues , small tardises to use a physics and even a couple of daleks to throw as well.
I will be putting it on the [ TSF ] server (( ip )) on thursday afternoon and leaving on for the night at least.

You can view the pictures and coment on this map here ... sp?TID=215

Sorry i have not given you a download link for this map as our forum does not alow a file upload big enough. I hope to have this chainged soon. :)

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